StoneBale: A Sculptural Proposal

December 3, 2014

Earlier in the year a client requested I develop ideas for sculpture on a very large tract land composed of rolling fields that is cut for hay, rolled hay. The undulations of this land create a quintessential beauty that defines the local community. This meadow is seen as a cultural landmark.

I proposed a cluster of StoneBales. The StoneBales are composed of dry-laid sedimentary bluestone stacked with an overlapping pattern for stability. The joints will be expertly detailed by skilled stone masons to resemble rolled hay. The StoneBales would sit on the cusp of the steep slopes and elsewhere to create the tension of being on the verge of rolling down the hill if pushed. The clustering of StoneBales also creates a distinct spatial arrangement that further highlights the site features.

I have applied for a trademark on the name and a copyright on the concept.

The exquisite rendering on the blog entry (link below) was composed by Tangram3DS, from a hand sketch I drew. Tangram is also preparing a time-lapse video.

Terrence Parker, Landscape Architect



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