Awarded Foundry Garage Art Installation

May 8, 2018

Terrence Parker presented his sculpture concept to the Portsmouth City Council after being awarded the majority of the budget on the first ever “1% for the arts” commission at the new Foundry Parking Garage in Portsmouth, NH.


This sculpture refers to the long history of industrial development and innovation in the area on the south side of the North Mill Pond adjacent to the existing railroad tracks.


The sculptural elements consist of 3 giant steel hammer-heads working with an oversized steel pulley wheel and railroad tracks. The history of Portsmouth’s forges and foundries that made hand-tools and the machines powering the industrial revolution is made relevant by the use of the iconic hammer, which resembles a human figure when detached from its handle. This interpretive sculpture captures the zeitgeist of the work experience of former and current circumstances. 

Sculpture: Hammer Head at Foundry Garage

"Congratulations on garnering unanimous support for your artwork for Foundry Place. The council  and others in the chamber made sure to tell me how inspiring and interesting your presentation was, and how much they look forward to its installation. "

Nancy Pearson

Portsmouth City Council



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